Benefits Of Doing Business In The IFZA Free Zone

Benefits Of Doing Business In The IFZA Free Zone

Getting an IFZA license is a good way to protect your investment in the UAE. The UAE offers great opportunities to foreign investors. If you have decided to invest in UAE, read this article to assess the benefits. These benefits include stability, family life, flexible work hours, and a cost-effective location. Here are the benefits of the IFZA free zone:

IFZA free zone offers a stable family life:

IFZA free zone has an excellent reputation for its company formation packages. Its fees are significantly lower than other free zones, and the packages include everything from the UAE residence visa to company formation. The company formation packages are tailored to the needs of every shareholder, ranging from zero (0) to six (6) visa allocations. Shareholders can start their venture with one (1) or zero (0) visa allocation and upgrade to higher packages when ready. The government fee for these upgrades is based on the difference between the current package and the higher visa allocation.

It offers a wide range of business activities:

IFZA Dubai offers state-of-the-art facilities strategically located within its new headquarters in the Digital Park, Dubai. These are designed for entrepreneurs seeking inspiring infrastructure, from furnished Flexi Desks to fully-furnished Offices. The free zone also offers a variety of social and networking spaces for tenants to cultivate business relationships. It also features a thriving community and a vibrant nightlife scene.

It offers flexibility:

If you are considering starting a business in Dubai, you may consider the IFZA free zone. This business hub offers the convenience of setting up a business in your own space without the cost of renting an office. Moreover, it has no minimum share capital requirement or taxes to pay. If you have an idea for a business and want to expand it in Dubai, you can easily incorporate a holding company in the IFZA-free zone.

It is cost-effective:

IFZA free zone offers efficient international service standards and a highly personalized approach to business. To start your business in this free zone, you can register your company in just a few minutes. It is also easy to manage your company and enjoy various business activities. You can register your company with 100% foreign ownership without physically presenting yourself. The IFZA free zone provides modern office solutions for your needs, with shared desks, large-area offices, and even shared spaces.